Create quality games and integrate the blockchain technology & smart-contracts by allowing players to generate convertible tokens (SFT) in real money.
Following the completion of several freelance games, we decided to take the next step by creating Sandfox Studio. Several Infographist and developers have been hired to help us develop our first game. Most of them collaborated several years at UBISOFT.

Sandfox Studio is a Franco-Morrocan game studio created in December 2016. Several developers and graphic designers have been hired to develop our own games. We have 2 ventures, one in Morroco (Casablanca) and the other one in France (Paris).
First Success
Developement of Magical Drop V gameplay.
Commercial release of Magical Drop V (GOLGOTH STUDIO) on steam.
Creation of a small business, early developement of the golgoth studio engine. Projects : Magical Drop V, Toki HD and other game finally abandoned
First Steps
Two new customers : Interactive 6L6 and Kubity.
Portage of Apllitude Studios AAA game "Endless Legend" & "Dungeon Of The Endless" on MAC OS X.
New Contracts
Ico Pre-Sale
Birth of SANDFOX STUDIO : Lauch of the first game " Battle Of Norlus ".Unreal Engine consulting on the VR game " John Wick : Chronicles ".
Participation in the developement of the game " Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom " (PS4, XBOX ONE AND SWITCH VERSIONS).
Proven Potentiality
End of the ICO.
Our futur will be written by you.
Individual Approach
2010 - 2011
2014 - 2015
2016 - 2017
Our first game is a competitive puzzle game that will allow players to compete online.
Our next launch will be a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) different from most MOBA you know.
In the long term, we plan to launch a large MMORPG with the same philosophy that allows players togenerate financial gains while playing.
Sandfox Studio aims to become one of the first gaming studio to shake up the traditional approach of video games.

Our goal is to provide quality games and integrate these games to the blockchain by allowing players to generate convertible tokens (SFT) in real money.

We have developed a solid roadmap that consists of developing 3 games in the first place.

Our first game is a competitive puzzle game that will allow players to compete online.

The concept is to compete with another opponent by removing gems of different colors from their screen in groups of 3 minimum and making sure to defeat the opponent, either by transferring their own gems, or by interfering with powers specific to each character.
The Story :

Every year, 12 wizards from the world of Norlys compete to win the Archmage title and join a seat to the powerful High Council of Wizards.

At the end of this competition, the last magician standing will have to earn his sit by affronting a last opponent, the Supreme Archmage, master of the high council.

Each magician has a magic of its own and will use at its best to triumph over his opponents.
(strategy game)
Our next launch will be a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) different from most MOBA you know, its originality will be due to the fact that 3 groups of 5 players will compete simultaneously on
3 different arenas (15 players in total).

The players will choose the side they prefer to join (the intergalactic confederation or the drenay empire).

As previously stated, the battle arenas are divided into 3 categories :

Space : In this arena players compete for space supremacy and impose a blockade on the planet where a conflict takes place. Space ships, space shuttles and other war machines are used to organize the blockade and facilitate the fight of allies on the planet.

The Sky : In this arena, the players compete for aerial dominance. The combat will be impacted negatively or positively by the blockade according to the victory or defeat of the allies. The role of aviation will be to neutralize enemy aviation, DCA and provide air support to ground troops .

Ground : This arena is where victory or defeat is decided. The players on the ground compete for the final victory. To do this, several machines will be put at their disposal, Tanks, Mecha, anti-aircraft batteries and different infantry corps. The success of ground combat will depend on the skill of the ground crew but also from the effectiveness of allies fighting in space and sky. The presence of a blockade affecting the team will prevent for example the arrival of reinforcement, the destruction of Allied aircraft, will be accompanied by more frequent ground bombing etc ..
(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)
In the long term, we plan to launch a large MMO with the same philosophy that allows players to generate financial gains while playing. The universe of this MMO is set in a heroic-fantasy universe where each player can decide what he wants to become.

He will begin with a character and it will be up to him to choose the career he wants, freedom will be total, He will be free to choose the path of a fighter (guardians, soldiers, treasure hunter, bounty hunter, bodyguard etc.) .) or to focus instead on a craft career (blacksmith, farmer, jeweler, merchant etc. ..). He will, then, develop skill points on the activity in which he will specialize. The more he will practice it, the more productive he will become.
An economic system will be developed and regulated to encourage interaction between players. It will be possible, for example, for a player embodying a rich merchant to buy a legendary sword acquired by a treasure hunter during a quest. This merchant may decide to take this sword to the capital to present to other potential buyer. To reduce the risk of robbery, he may seek the protection of other players specializing in close protection.

If this buyer falls on an unscrupulous treasure hunter, he may fall to a trap set by this treasure hunter to take back the sword. As you can see, freedom will be (almost) total.

It will be possible for the players to unite and form a guild, these guilds will be able to administer territories and cities. This control will allow the guild to generate gains from the management of the city's businesses.
These territories can obviously be claimed by other guilds and lead to a guild war. It will be possible
(massively multiplayer online role-playing game)
The common point between all the games we just talked about is related to the possibility that any player will have to cash in their victories or achievements. In the context of competitive games, events will be organized and winners will win SFT (Sandfox Tokens). Players will be able, on a regular basis, as many tokens they can.
In the case of the MMO that will be developed, an economic system will be designed to allow any player to specialize in a field that allows him to subsequently cash his talents as it's done in everyday life.
But that will not be the only way to make money. A champions Market will be set up and will allow what is today forbidden by the majority of game's publisher: Sale between players (characters, equipment, accounts, etc.). To access this market and exchange their property, players will have to pay an entry fee (payable in Sandfox Tokens).
Sandfox Token
The benefits of this project compared to other gaming companies are numerous. The gamers who live today with their passion are doing it today mostly on media like youtube.

Our ambition is to allow gamers to have fun with our games but at the same time make money and, why not, live from their passion.
The payment of an annual fee to access the "Market of Heroes". In this market players can exchange everything they want. They can buy or sell in-game items like characters and weapons, or they can even sell their account for real money if they wish..

These transactions will be checked to prevent players from being scammed as it often happens.
Win Tokens
Earn Money
The Sandfox Studio games wil be downloadable for free, players will be able to play the basic version but they will have the opportunity to buy additional features These micro-payment will be the first source of income of the studio.
The existence of a "Market of Heroes" to which players can register for the payment of an annual fee. It will allow them to exchange everything they want, characters, weapons and even their account if they wish it. These transactions will be checked to prevent players from being scammed as often happens.
A third axis of development will be linked to the licence sale of our engine. The first game we are currently developing is made with our own technology and we plan to continue its development.
Micro Payment
Annual Fee
Licence Sale
There will be different sources of revenue for Sandfox Studio
The Sandfox Token (SFT) will be a token that will be a single currency that will be found in all games developed by Sandfox Studio. This will be the main selling and buying standard for the community. This system will allow players to buy tokens but also to win some.

They can earn SFT in several ways :
To win tokens that you can find in
the games produced by Sandfox
To win tokens through several services
(bug search, Grand Master activity for the MMO etc...).
To sell equipment, accounts or anything else
in the trading room "Market of Heroes".
We plan initially to create and distribute 250,000,000 Tokens out of a total of 400,000,000 Tokens. Tokens that will not be put on sale will be stored and integrated gradually into the games to allow players to win them in the games on production.
The more games we develop, the more the token will be used and the more valuable it will be in the cryptocurrency market. We will, later, encourage other gaming companies to adopt this token and contribute to its value.
Commercial production plans for 600,000,000 Sandfox Token (SFT)
50% of Sandfox Tokens (SFT), 300 000 000,
will be sold during the duration of the commercial
operation (Pre-sale and Sale)
15% of the SFT, 90 000 000, will be distributed
free of charge to the stakeholders (team and advisors)
who contributed to the success of the operation.
35% of the SFT, 210,000,000, will be set aside by Sandfox. These tokens will be gradually integrated to the games put in production in order to allow the players to win them, they can also be won during e-sports competitions that will be organized.
Total supply : 300,000,000 tokens
ICO pré sale period : 01.01.18 -31.01.18
ICO period : 01.04.18 – 14.05.18

Public Presale
Hard Cap
$ 32M
Accepted Currencies
Token Supply
300M SFT
Crowdsale Start/End
Token sale
$ 32M
300M SFT
01.04.18 – 14.05.18
01.04.18 – 14.05.18

Week 1
3000 tokens
Public sale
Public sale
Public sale
Public sale
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
2500 tokens
2000 tokens
1500 tokens
1500 tokens
All funds contributed in the Crowdsale will be used solely for the development, marketing, and growth of Sandfox Studio. To make and market these games, we determined that a $ 32 million budget is needed. It will be our hard cap on the ICO, we will not accept any further investment.
Preliminary allocation and the distribution may be subject to change.

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First Releases
New Releases
3D Engine Developement (Q1)
Second E-sport competition
Launch of the MMO Beta-Test (Q2)
Creation of a studio in Europe
" There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn't know where to go "
First Advertising
Pre-Sale ICO annoucement
Presence at the orange e-gaming
ICO Ending (Q1)
Launching of Battle Mage (Q1)
First E-sport competition (Q2)
MOBA Launch (Q4)
MMO Releases
MMO official launch
Events Developement
Third E-sport competition

International Consolidation
Realization of a MOCAP Studio
First AAA game
Fourth E-sport competition

Mounir Belaid
El Mehdi Yousfi
Malek Bengougam
Our team
Our team integrates several experts in their respective fields, Management, IT Development, Blockchain, Marketing, Communication and Computer Graphics

Mustafa Lamrani
Concept Artist
Mounir is the founding members of Sandfox Studio. He Holds an MBA in Business Administration from Laval University in Canada. He is also the head of a company, Agora Développement, created in 2008 and whose activity consists in developing information systems. Specialist in Project Management, he is a member of the office of the Moroccan chapter of the Project Management Institute whose objective is to promote project management and promote the development of the profession in Morocco. He's a long time player.
Sound Engineer
3D Modeling Expert
Hamza Chioua
Amina Attaro-Rahmatillah
Yasine Bouanani
Dalila Boutanoute
Technical Director
Fouad Elouad
Blockchain Expert,

Game Industry Advocate, Culturalization Expert, former IGDA
(International Game Developers
association) Executive Director
Chief Operating Officer @ World Gaming Federation
Badr Bellaj
Kate Edwards
Yassine Arif
Olivier Lazar
Art Director
PR Expert
Trader, Financial Investor
Hazim Benghal

Naima Chbali-Pinguet
Merwan Bourih
El Mehdi is a founding member of Sandfox Studio, he's got a Master's Degree in Telecommunications
and Computer Science. He is also the leader of a company, Inovativ Développement, created in 2014
and whose activity is to manage telecom projects. He successively held positions of IT manager, R &
D Project Manager in the field of pharmaceuticals and oil, a specialist in the field of coordination with
over 13 years of experience. Longtime Gamer, he has a preference for MOBA.
Malek is a veteran of video games who started at UBI SOFT. He has collaborated on several games,
Rayman M, Disney's Dinosaur, XIII, Risen, Unreal Tournament III, Magical Drop V, Endless legend, John Wick: Chronicles etc. His expertise has allowed the development of the engine used for our game "Battle of Norlys". Malek is also a professor at ESGI in Paris where he teaches his magic to future generations of game developers.
Fouad is the technical director who manages the technical teams of Sandfox Studio and Agora
Développement. His skills allow him to remove all the difficulties that arise and have made him an
essential part of the team.
Amina is a talented young artist immediately recognized by the founding team. Supervised by Hazim Benghal, she has produced beautiful models for our game "Battle of Norlys" and she benefits from Hazim experience throughout her work.
Dalila is a young engineer, she is passionate about gaming and has developed many games by herself. We met her at the african game conference organized by Yassine Arif. We hired her and she is now developing for us the engine by correcting bugs and developing new features.
Hamza is a sound engineer who worked for nearly 8 years at Ubi Soft. We worked on these different
games : Prince of persia saga (the Fallen King, and the forgotten sands, Petz fantasy 3D, the Rayman
saga (Origins, legend, Jungle Run, Fiesta Run) and Rabid Invasions. He became after that the sound
engineer of the famous Morrocan musical fusion band Hoba Hoba Spirit. He accepted to join us and
supports the sound part of the project.
Mustafa is a Concept artist working in the film and video games industry, Hightly self motivated with
a strong passion for design and drawing, he can adapt to any art direction, using different techniques (drawing, 3d, painting, matt painting …). He accepted to be part of this adventure and he's helping us designing the universe of our futur MOBA game.
Yasin is an expert in 3D advanced modeling and Animation , he is also VR environment développer ,
He has done several modeling work for various clients (architects, real estate ) , he had also
developed VR environments for OCULUS RIFT and GEAR VR for Android (Alien Planet) , he is also
Certified for game development from Michigan State University , he assists us in the development of our house engine used to develop « Battle of Norlys ». He has also taught 3D modeling techniques and advanced simulations at UQAM (University of Quebec in montreal) and still teaches his expertise at Lasalle College.
Kate is a unique hybrid of an applied geographer, writer, and content culturalization strategist with a
passion for global cultures and mediatechnologies. With broad experience in the fields of geography, cartography, geopolitics and cross-cultural issues, Kate is a recognized thought leader in applying this knowledge to "real world" business solutions and problem solving, particularly in the information industry as related to inclusive representation, content management, and cross-cultural impacts of information and globalization.
As Microsoft's geopolitical strategist in the internal geopolitical strategy team she created ('92-'05)
and now as an independent consultant in her company Geogrify, she pioneered the field of digital
content "culturalization" to identify geopolitical and cultural risks and opportunities in corporate products and services. Kate applies her expertise to a broad range of issues related to multinational corporate activity in local markets.
Kate is better known for her leadership and culturalization work in the video game industry, including her most recent role as Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA®) from 2012 to 2017. During her time at Microsoft and since, she's worked on many game franchises, including Halo, Fable, Age of Empires, Dragon Age, Modern Warfare, Mass Effect, Star Wars : The Old Republic and many others. She's also the founder of the IGDA's Localization SIG and co-organizer of
the former Localization Summit at GDC. Kate has been a columnist for MultiLingual Computing
magazine since 2005 and she plans to publish a culturalization handbook for game developers in
2017. Subject matter expertise in geopolitics, cartography, content culturalization, policy making, corporate cultures, negotiation with governments, crisis management, geopolitical training, cross-cultural competence, advocacy, political engagement, non-profit management
Edwards was listed as one of "The 10 Most Powerful Women In Gaming"in 2013 by Fortune, and in 2014 she was named as one of the video games industry's six "People of the Year".
Badr BELLAJ is a Blockchain Architect and CTO at MCHAIN , a specialized startup in the Blockchain
Technology. As an advisor, he helps startups recognize, evaluate, and navigate security, technical and business risks. During his career, he stared as software developer, Afterward he evolved interests in security,cryptography, IOT and Distributed Systems. Since 2011, he joined the cryptocurrency
movement and later he became a blockchain developer. For the past several years, he has been
involved in many projects in Cryptocurrencies fields ranging from blockchain-based applications to
new crypto payment protocols. Currently, he and his team are designing and developing a new
blockchain technology for business called Fractal.
Alongside, He is a tech-savvy with vast knowledge of IOT technologies, software development and
security administration. Eager to share, Badr has the love of reading and writing about technology.
Yassine Arif is a passionate video game designer and game entrepreneur, graduated as a Level
designer from Campus Ubisoft, he started his career as a Game designer in Ubisoft where he worked on famous titles as Rayman licenses, Raving Rabbits in Console and CSI : Hidden crimes in mobile. Since 2012, Yassine founded Moroccan Game Developers Association that aim to promote game development in Morocco, where he leads the community as a President. Through this initiative,
Yassine organized many workshops and events such as Global Game Jam, he represented Morocco in several international gaming events, and he is the event director of Maghreb Game Conference, the first summit for game developers in North Africa. In 2015, he quitted Ubisoft to start an indie game journey by building his first startup TheWallGames where he developed the game z7am (Zham) a Moroccan and regional mobile hit game, which succeeded to inspire the community of game developers in Morocco to start an entrepreneurial path after the closure of Ubisoft Casablanca. He's now Chief Operating Officer at the world gaming federation.
Olivier accompanies organizations in their transition to higher levels of Maturity through in the
rethinking of their structures and governance principles. Focusing on Value and Change
Management, Olivier helps in delivering Organizational Transformation. He is regularly published in professional press and present in number of PM conferences around the world, including PMI Global Congresses in EMEA and North America. Olivier is also an active member of PMI, sitting at the PMI Switzerland Chapter BoD, from 2009 to 2014, he has been President in 2014, and graduated from the PMI Leadership Institute Master Class 2013. Olivier sits now at the Community Champions Advisory Group (CCMAG), a global leadership committee supporting advocacy for the Profession.
Naima has 18 years experience as a PR Manager. She helps develop and manage relevant PR
activities that shape the media perception of her clients. She managed the PR Strategy of various
clients like FARO, RS Components, Norton etc. She will help us develop a RP Plan Strategy and will be
our direct contact with press and media during our campaign from the Pre-sale to the final ICO.
Merwan Bourih is a real estate investor and professional trader involved in different markets, the DAX30, Forex and Cryptocurrency.
As such, he has invested in several ICOs and brings to Sandfox Studio his expertise in this area.
He is also the co-founder of a traders training center that trains a new generation of traders.
Merwan currently lives in Switzerland and spends most of his time between Paris And Malaysia.
Hazim is an accomplished graphic designer who worked for more than 8 years at Ubi Soft. He worked on the design and production of the entire Rayman saga and other games such as the excellent Child of light and CSI: hidden crime for Ios. His expertise allows us to quickly develop our first game and we will also produce other titles on production.
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